Most global brands are making a real difference in the area of “Sustainability.” Microsoft, Unilever, Levi’s, P&G, Ford, Dell and Coca-Cola are but a few “planet brands” leading the way by changing how they work, what they make and how they make it. Yet, few brands are advertising their social purpose to consumers even though 83 percent of consumers say they want to buy from companies who “share my social values.” Is it due to fear of greenwash backlash and brand sanitization or are advertisers still challenged in making the link between “The world and my world” for consumers?

Trish Wheaton is one of the leading ”Sustainability Navigators” at WPP, the world’s largest communications holding company. In her global marketing role she has a front-row view into some of the world’s premier global brands and their surprising depth of commitment to sustainability.


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Trish Wheaton has simultaneous leadership roles in two of WPP’s largest agencies: Wunderman, the world’s largest digital agency network and Y&R Advertising, a global advertising giant. Prior to taking on the role as Wunderman’s first CMO, Trish headed two Wunderman network agencies, one in Canada and one in the UK. In London, she merged three network agencies to form the largest direct, digital and database organization in the UK. In Canada, she transformed the Wunderman organization from a pure play direct marketing organization to a direct, data and digital powerhouse. As managing partner, Global New Business Community for Y&R Advertising, Trish has created a global new business infrastructure to serve the 160 offices that comprise Y&R’s global footprint. Her client portfolio has included such well known global brands as Microsoft, Dell, Kraft, Ford and IBM, among others.

In her global role for both companies Trish began to see the emergence of sustainability as a rapidly growing requirement for partnering with the world’s major brands and began to take action, focusing first on building a more operationally sustainable company for the Young & Rubicam Group. Trish has since identified the untapped marketing opportunity for sustainable brands to grow from a niche interest to a mainstream sentiment. Trish is currently building a Sustainability Practice on behalf of the Young & Rubicam Group of companies and is one of WPP’s key Sustainability Navigators.

A well-known marketing industry figure, Trish has served on a variety of marketing industry boards in various geographies; is a much sought-after speaker who has headlined speaking engagements across the globe; and has been recognized with industry awards in both Canada and the US. Trish was recently named to the prestigious Forrester Board of Clients, the first-ever agency person to be on the board, and was also just nominated to the 2013 Marketing Hall of Femme—an elite group of women who are leading marketing today.
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The New York Times

Agencies Set Sights on Marketing for a Cause

New York Times, July 10, 2014—WPP's Young and Rubicam Group forms a new practice devoted to advertising efforts that include cause-related marketing, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, led by President, Trish Wheaton, called INSPIRE.

The Hill Congress Blog

Starting to Tackle Climate Change

The Hill’s Congress Blog, September 20, 2012—Wunderman chief marketing officer Trish Wheaton makes the case that when it comes to sustainability, corporate America is filling a void created by political deadlock.
Lions Daily News

Make sustainability fun and world will be a better place

Lions Daily News, June 22, 2013—Wunderman chief marketing officer Trish Wheaton is passionate about championing the need for major brands to create consumer-facing campaigns that celebrate their "rich and full" contributions to global issues.

Providence Journal

Buying and Selling our way out of Global Warming

Providence Journal Blog, February 6, 2013—Wunderman chief marketing officer Trish Wheaton makes the case that when it comes to sustainability, marketing can be used to help drive sustainability awareness and change people’s behavior.
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From the Jury Room

Digital and Social Media Breakthrough in Customer Experience

At The Conference Board's Customer Experience Conference Trish moderated a panel which discussed the importance of corporate social responsibility to brands and the role social media plays in the mix.

From the Jury Room

Selling Sustainability

Fresh off of her Cannes Lions presentation, Selling Sustainability: Are we there yet?, Wunderman chief marketing officer Trish Wheaton shares her thoughts on how brands can market sustainability with Maggs on Media host Jeremy Maggs.
From the Jury Room

From the Cannes Lions Jury Room

Trish shares with Maggs on Media what really happens behind the closed jury room doors at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and highlights a couple of her favorite works from the direct category.

A Conversation with Lester Wunderman

A Conversation with Lester Wunderman

At the 2011 DMA annual conference in Boston, Lester Wunderman joined Wunderman CMO Trish Wheaton to talk candidly about the past—and future—of advertising.
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